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Twenty six years ago, a small group of people gathered together with the idea to promote our small community of Shedden, and also to raise money for a new community complex. The old country club had served Shedden and the surrounding area well for nearly fifty years, but the incentive was to have a new, larger structure, with a modern kitchen. The Rosy Rhubarb Festival was created mainly as a fundraiser for the new building.


Gary Carr, one of the initiators of the fundraising idea, always masqueraded as Rosy Rhubarb. Upon his death in December of 1996, the organizing committee decided no one else could do the job the way Gary did, and retired his costume. But the spirit of Rosy Rhubarb lives on.

The Southwold Keystone Complex is now up and running as a result of many groups, along with the Rosy Rhubarb Festival, working together to make this dream a reality. Every year, on the second weekend in June, we celebrate the plant that put our village on the map. Gardens are lush with ripe rhubarb waiting to be turned into tasty treats for families, friends and visitors.


Only the best pies, tarts and cakes make it into our annual rhubarb bake-off. The winning entries are auctioned on the Friday night of the festival, kicking off a weekend of fun, community spirit and fundraising.


To date Rosy Rhubarb has raised over 1.2 million to help support other initiatives such as these:


Landscape and Memorial forest, new picnic pavilion, donation for playground equipment, portable stage, purchase of the People Mover, upgrades the horse corral, new bleachers and fundraising for the new library.


Continue to help support our efforts by attending this years festival.

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