Rosy Rhubarb Festival includes many fun contests, for people of all ages.
Largest rhubarb leaf and longest rhubarb stalk

Sponsored by Preferred Insurance – Peter Carr 

The Winners of the Largest Leaf are as follows:

1st – Lillian Addley-Darel 34 1/4″, 2nd – Isla Ooms 32 1/2″ , 3rd – Emily Pennings 31″


The Winners of the Longest Stalk are as follows:

1st – Laura Hathaway 31 1/4″, 2nd – Claire Van Beers 31″, 3rd – Clara Ooms 29 3/4″


Thank you to all our participants


Baking Contest

Sponsored by Greenlane Community Trust.

The Winners of the Baking Categories are as follows:

Double Crust Pie:   1st – Pat Agar, 2nd – Sherry Doxtator , 3rd – Vicki Slack


Muffins – 1st – Doreen Canning, 2nd – Kim Pennings, 3rd – Pat Agar


Desserts – 1st – Vicki Slack, 2nd – Tammy Matthews, 3rd – Kim Pennings


Children’s Desserts – 1st – Olivia Brown, 2nd – Ryerson David, 3rd – Shayna David


Thank you to all our participants


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